It’s been a while

So yeah… it’s been a while.

My excuse would be, “this gig life of mine has been taking up all of my time, so there’s no time for blogging!” The sad truth is, I’m probably just lazy. I have a ton of free time when I’m not gigging. 

Anyway, I made it back for my annual blog entry to get my money’s worth here. How about a little update with what’s been happening this past year and a half I’ve been M.I.A. from WordPress:

  1. Gigging. A lot. Currently, I have six weekly gigs on the schedule. Although that changes week to week when I need to take a quick trip to San Diego (more on that later) or take a private gig. Gosh, it’s been almost ten months since Eating House 1849 Kapolei closed (back in March 2019). That spot had a special place in my heart, being the first venue to hire me to play there regularly. My Solo gigs right now are Eating House 1849 Waikiki, Doraku Sushi (Kakaako), Merrimans Honolulu, Amuse Wine Bar, Shore Fyre (International Market Place), and Goen (Kailua). Still doing the once a month gig with my Smooth Remedy brothers at the Honolulu Club on random Wednesdays every month. We’ll be there tonight! 
  2. Uncle Status!  Dang, my two best friends had their first kids this past year! Aaron had his daughter, who just turned one this past December 7th, and Kamaehu had his son on April 25th, 2019. I admit I don’t see them as often as I’d like to. I’ll make a stronger effort to get them to remember my face and voice this year 🙂 
  3. San Diego. I went to San Diego to watch John Mayer play a concert at SDSU last September, and I left San Diego quite smitten. Not with John Mayer, though he’s excellent, and an idol of mine. But with a girl I reconnected with from Intermediate/High School days, though, she reiterates that we were not friends in High School. I fly back home after watching a Zac Brown band concert with her, and next thing I know, we’re texting a bunch, then FaceTiming for sometimes 2-3 hours every day. And I look forward to it, every day 🙂 Going to see where this thing goes, but I’ll say that I’ll be carefully revaluating my living situation/location for the future. 
  4. Photography. I’ve leaned into that aspect of my life a bit more in the last year and a half, due to the extra time that I usually have as a gigging musician. I’ve got this one friend specifically who’s been very generous with her time and knowledge. Darcy Fiero Photography, check out her stuff. Go, do it, you won’t be disappointed. She’s known as the lady who photographs the sunset almost every day, probably why she’s so good at it. She’s very protective of her locations, and rightfully so, but she’s been kind enough to let me in on that information, though I’m sworn to secrecy! I’ve also had a couple of friends pay me in a professional capacity to take photos for their work. It’s been sometimes a stressful learning experience, but still all fun.
  5. Songwriting. I attended, for the first time, the Hawaii Songwriting Festival on the Big Island this past year. The most important thing I got out of it was that I’m an idiot for not going the previous few years that I was aware of its existence. I genuinely believe there’s nothing like it in the world, as far as the proximity to powerhouses in the music industry goes. If someone told me I’d get songwriting tips, for a song I wrote, from John Cruz, a local songwriting idol of mine growing up in Hawaii, and Kenny Loggins, a global songwriting idol of mine growing up with his albums playing in the house, I would have laughed in your face! I remember how proud I was to tell my dad afterward that Kenny Loggins played my guitar! I could dive deep into the festival, but maybe another time. The bottom line is I’m going back, as often as I can. I’m not writing as much as I’d like to, but I’m writing a lot more than I have the past few years, so we’ll call it a win for now.

I’d say that’s enough for now. I told my San Diego friend that I’d try and write on here more frequently, and not tell anyone about it, in hopes that this can be a public but secret diary. 

Till next time (hopefully next week), adios.


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