Five things.

  1. A super generous uncle
  2. Catherine
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Orchestra in intermediate and High School
  5. Sodastream

My uncle that I live with, is more generous to me than I deserve. First of all, he lets me stay with him and his family for almost nothing (which I will stick to for legal reasons, haha). He’s saved me in a pinch when I needed speakers for a wedding ceremony since he happens to have battery-powered Bose speakers that some of my friends gig with, but he just uses to listen to music while working in the garage. He lets me borrow his expensive camera to take photos with when I need it, like when I went over to the Big Island to shoot some photos of the owls with my friend Darcy. He even lets me take over his home to host parties and cook massive amounts of food. The latest example of generosity was allowing me to borrow one of the two keyboards that he owns. It’s much nicer than anything I’d ever know what to do with. One day we were talking, and he asked me how my music was going. I mentioned that I was thinking of buying a keyboard on craigslist or amazon to fiddle around with, and he said, “Nah no need, just take one of mine.” I’ve spent maybe an hour on it, and it’s crazy just how much easier it is to learn music theory than on a guitar. In theory, I knew what inversions of chords were, but the visual of it on a keyboard makes the theory party stick a bit more in my mind. I’m very much looking forward to doodling more on this thing.

I didn’t mention that I had this conversation about the keyboard with my uncle months ago. Catherine told me to stop procrastinating and borrow it already. Thanks, Cat. Also, she got me to write on here two days in a row!

Wikipedia… Music theory. That is all.

This whole post is kind of about the keyboard. But if not for orchestra in intermediate and high school, I wouldn’t have this general grasp of music theory knowledge to pull from. I didn’t think learning the notes on a piano, so I could have a reference note to tune my standup bass from, would come in so much handy today. Clutch. 

I lied, the whole post isn’t about the keyboard. I purchased a Sodastream machine from Target like a month ago. It’s one of those contraptions that allows you to carbonate your water. Safeway and Costco were getting a ton of money from me in the form of bottles and bottles of sparkling water purchases. In turn, I have piles and piles of trash bags full of plastic bottles that need to get taken to get recycled. Figured it might end up costing more to buy the CO₂ cartridges, but it’d save me time and would probably be better for the environment in the long run. Doing the keto diet right now, and the one craving I have isn’t rice, or candy, or ice cream. It’s “bubbles.” Sometimes, all I need is a little bit of carbonation in my life. Hits the spot. 

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