Carryon (2/3/20)

I started packing a carryon suitcase last night. Opened the zippers, all 3 of them, and felt around in the pockets that I was too lazy to do a visual inspection of. It wasn’t even a month since I last used this particular suitcase, and I looked at it with a smile. No, Mari Kondo, this suitcase doesn’t give me joy, but what it represents this week does. The end of this week will be quite hectic with gigs and whatnot. Saturday will be especially eventful!

9:00 am Wake up
9:05 am morning poop
9:15 am hop back into bed and rest my eyes
9:57 am wake up in a panic and look for pants.
10:30 am speed into Natsunoya Tea House parking lot
11:00 am Downstrum for our classmate Drew’s wedding πŸ™‚
1:00 pm Finito! Pack up everything
1:20 pm Hopefully be done packing, grab our shoes at the door, book it out of there
2:00 pm Hopefully be at Nutridge estate to set up for another fellow Kamehameha grad, Winston, the ‘blue eyed beast’s wedding.
4:00 pm Ceremony starts
4:30 pm Cocktail hour, we’re on!
7:15 pm start packing up my gear
7:45 pm Hopefully I’ll be in my car heading down the mountain
8:00 pm Arrive at Honolulu Club for a shower
8:30 pm Leave Honolulu Club
8:45 pm Leave car at an undisclosed location, catch a Lyft to the Airport
9:00 pm get in TSA line
10:50 pm take off for LAX πŸ™‚

Yeah, I’m going back to the west coast β€” the third time since September. On my last visit, during the New Year holidays, Catherine told me she and her friends were planning on going to the One Love festival in Long Beach, a weekend-long reggae concert. She said I should come, I said, I’ll be there. Last night on the phone, I mentioned to Catherine that I was going to start packing my suitcase, and she said it’ll make the week go by slow if I see it all week. So I have it hiding behind a wall of hanging close in my spare bedroom. Problem solved. I was too excited today to not do any packing.

If I could, I’d go to sleep right now and wake up Saturday morning. I’m on my way Cat.

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