Udemy? (2/4/2020)

I think I’m going to sign up for a Udemy course to learn piano/keyboard.
It’s been fun just doodling on it the past week, but I think it’s time to get some actual instructions.

I signed up for a few Udemy classes in the past, and I enjoyed them. One for photography, and another for guitar mastery. Neither of which I mastered yet, but that’s because I stopped logging onto Udemy and taking the lessons. You know life. But new year, new me, as they say. Thanks to Cat, who’s been waking me up a few hours earlier than I would on my own, I’ve been much more productive these last couple of weeks, and it feels good to be more on top of things. I felt like I had all the time in the world since I only “work” a few hours a night. However, I wasn’t putting in the work that I needed to at home, that I’m sure my other musician friends are. I’m doing them a disservice by slacking off at home.

Since I’m talking about that, let’s talk about that. I think it’s a misconception that a lot of people have about us “gigging musicians” that our life is so easy since we only “work” maybe 2-3 hours at gigs. But that doesn’t include the setup and breakdown of equipment. When we play new songs, it’s hours and hours put into that one song. The part I’ve been slacking off on was the overall improvement of my musicality, or practicing guitar and music theory. Taking care of the voice is a whole other task. According to my voice coach, Renson Madarang, the vocal folds are one of the last places in the body that receive hydration. So, as singers, we need to have the perception that we’re overhydrating to have adequate hydration for good vocal fold health. He also recommends doing certain singing drills throughout the day to “massage” the vocal folds. Then there’s all the correspondence and bookkeeping. If you’re lucky enough, you have a lot of inquiries and business opportunities, and your inbox needs regular maintenance and upkeep. There are emails to respond to, contracts to sign, and invoices to send. Being self-employed has a fair share of “things you didn’t need to worry about as an employee.” The big one is taxes. Without an employer to withhold taxes, you’re left to manage that yourself. Maybe you’re completely on top of your finances, but I’m sure for some, it’d be hard to hold onto 30% of all the checks coming in to set aside, just for taxes. So not savings, just money you can’t use, because you’re going to have to pay self employment, State, and Federal taxes eventually. Let’s not talk about dental and health insurance.

Well, that was exhausting. Going to finish up my emails, then I think I’ll browse Udemy for a piano course, and spend an hour on that. Then another hour or two on learning some new songs, and maybe an hour trying to write original stuff. After that, it’s time for “work.” Merriman’s tonight! While I’m at it, maybe I’ll throw another article of clothing in that carryon I started packing.

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