Checklist 2/9-2/11 (2-8/9-20 on the Plane)

Currently “trying to sleep,” on the plane ride to L.A., but failing miserably. So of course, if I can’t sleep, I’ll do some math. Let’s see I’ve got roughly 72 hours in Cali. To be on the safe side of immunity, I should probably try for 6-ish hours of sleep a night, so I don’t get sick again. So there goes 18 hours. It leaves me with 64 hours. Cat will have to be at work Monday and Tuesday for let’s say 9-10 hours if the case she’s working on will be as tough and involved as she thinks it will be. So that’s another 20 hours. That leaves me with 44 hours. She will probably have to do some work at home, so let’s tack off like 5 more hours. 

Alright, so that leaves me with 39-ish precious hours. Here’s my checklist of things I want to get done in that time:

  • When Cat picks me up at the airport, I want her to put the car in park, get out and hug me till we melt into each other’s arms. I will try to kiss her. Multiple times.
  • Cat’s been having some pain in her shoulder/arm recently, so I brought my massage impact gun with me on this trip. Also, I used a 3oz travel bottle I bought at Target one night and filled it with a pikake scented massage oil that I purchased from Whole Foods a few nights ago. I disguised that visit as a mission to get smoked salmon since I was FaceTiming her at the time. I did purchase smoked salmon. I’d like to massage her until her muscles melt into pain-free submission, and she never has to be in pain for the next couple weeks till her doctors’ appointment to get that checked on. 
  • Last Fall, I may have really hyped up Sous Vide steak to her, then never actually made it for her while she was visiting Oahu during The holidays. So I packed my Anova Sous Vide machine in my carryon. I made sure, while going through the security checkpoint at the airport, to take out both the Anova and the impact massage gun, and put them in their own tray. I wanted to make it easy for TSA to see them. I watched an older looking TSA agent spend about two minutes looking at my tray on the X-ray machine. Finally another younger agent came over and immediately told him what both things were. So while Cat is at work one day, I will make the trek across to Ralphs to pick up some grossly underpriced steak (in relation to Hawaii’s red meat prices) and make some sous vide steak for her. I want to watch it melt in her mouth and completely fulfill all of the expectations, hopes, and dreams, that I impressed upon her during my Sous Vide hype tour.
  • I want to go running with her, and her handsome, handsome specimen of a dog, until my legs and lungs melt, because I know that will amuse her. The reason I started running last month was so that I could do exactly this when I came to visit the next time. I know she appreciates my hard work, running the lonely streets of Kailua at night, or the boring treadmill at the gym. 

Well, that’s about all I want to accomplish in those 39 hours. And if I can’t do any of those things, I really won’t mind as long as I get to spend it with Cat. Let me try and melt my consciousness into a quick session of REM sleep before we land. T minus 3-ish hours till Operation “Melt It All” commences. 

Update: I caught a Lyft from the airport. Will have to relocate melty first hug. 

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