OB Noodle House (2/11/20)

*Delayed post. Fell asleep after I wrote it on account of food coma, and forgot I wrote it.*

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s my last full day here in SD before my full day of traveling to get back home tomorrow. Currently, I’m sitting on a couch, sipping on a locally brewed coffee/chocolate stout at 2:25pm, with a handsome dog laying to my right. Rewind to this morning, after we dropped Cat off at work, Ili and I went for a decent walk in downtown SD near Cat’s workplace. He barked at zero people, barked at zero dogs, ate grass like ten times, peed until he was shooting blanks, and pooped twice. It was a productive stroll for us. Cat had pointed out to me that when he wants to poop, he starts smelling around a bit more than usual and starts to do a “sidestep” thing. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about until I witnessed his sidestep into poop-squat maneuver myself. 

Drove back to Cat’s to feed the pup. Mostly wanted him to finish his food so I could give him one of the treats I bought him from Trader Joe’s on my last visit. They’re some peanut butter flavored dog biscuit type snack and smell identical to graham crackers. Almost curious enough to taste it on the smell alone. I can tell Ili likes it because he doesn’t just start eating it, he makes sure he takes it a little ways away from me and eats it in privacy. Last night I was laughing at him because he seems to snore just like a human does. Cat asked me how dogs snore differently than humans, and I had no answer. Maybe I haven’t been around sleeping dogs much? Regardless, I’m amused. 

After Ili and I got back home after the walk, I wanted to make a game plan – one that included a stop at a Trader Joe’s, maybe at an In & Out, and possibly at OB Noodle House. A quick check through google maps indicated that there was a route that included an In & Out, a Trader Joe’s, and finally the golden gem of Ocean Beach, OB Noodle House. I made a game-time decision to bypass In & Out on my way to Trader Joe’s, so I could enjoy my meal at OB Noodle House even more. After a quick stop at TJ’s, to buy some seasonings and cookies, I drove with much haste (legally) to OB Noodle House. It was around 1 pm, there was zero wait time, and I was beyond excited. I sat down and immediately ordered.

“Could I get one extra-large 1502 Special pho, the crispy Tiger Shrimp…” “okay, will…” 

“Oh, one more thing, sorry, and the spicy garlic wings!” 

Now I’ve eaten at enough places alone to hear some variation of this next quote many times. Once I ate alone at Din Tai Fung, located in the Del Amo Fashion Center mall in Torrance, California. I received zero reaction for ordering six dishes by myself and remains one of the only instances where I received such a response. At OB Noodle House today, I got a, “Oh yeah! Treat yo self!” I just laughed in agreement, instead of trying to explain I was only planning to eat the pho and take most of the other stuff to go. On my last visit, Cat took me to OB Noodle House, and I’ve been craving the 1502 Special pho ever since. The menu describes it as “Hormone Free, Grass Fed American Style Kobe Wagyu Beef.” And somehow it tastes even better than that modest description lets on.

For pho to be delicious, in my opinion, it needs to satisfy specific guidelines. Number one, it’s 85% about the broth. If the broth is delicious, almost anything you add into it is going to taste just dandy. You can drink the broth by itself and be satisfied. The other thing is the meat to everything else ratio. Is there meat in almost every bite of noodle you take? If the answer is yes, you’ve got yourself a winning ratio. Other than the broth not being hot, nothing is worse than getting a full bowl of noodles and four small pieces of steak. OB Noodle House passes with flying colors.

I’d love to type more, but not eating carbs for the last four weeks has reintroduced the dreaded Kanak attack (food coma). It’s hitting me quite hard. Okay, good night. 

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