New Year, New Me?

New Year’s Day in itself is of little importance. It’s just a day. For the most part, 12/31 will differ very little from 1/1. However, if 2020 was a chapter, and you need to close it to move on and start fresh mentally. If you need to tuck it in, wrap it neatly, dump it in a nameless abyss, and walk away. Do it.

New Year’s resolutions never sat well with me. Like needing Thanksgiving to be grateful, or Valentine’s Day to show romantic affection. For many, including myself, resolutions rarely ever make it past spring, if off the drawing board at all. But if you need that day to say this is the turning point, day 1, that pivotal moment you need for positive change in your life, fucken use it. Maybe this time, the taste of progress tastes sweeter than the fear of failure or the bitterness of impatience. Maybe this time, you keep that inertia through spring, through your birthday, through tragedy, through heartbreak, through triumph, through confusion, and right on through December. Just the prospect of maybe this time being different is enough to swan dive into the mist of uncertainty and hope. If you need to put New Years Day on a pedestal, and ceremoniously fire the starting gun, do it proudly and unapologetically. After that, exercise patience, forgiveness, and unwavering gratitude and see how far it gets you. What I wish most of all is that you’ll love and forgive yourself more this year. Be more kind, and keep your hearts open to receiving love and blessings. I love you all.